Urban Peaks promotes the positive and life-altering benefits of rock climbing- and adventure-based activities to disadvantaged, underrepresented youth throughout New England.

Our Mission

We believe that participation in climbing and other adventure activities will provide potentially life-changing benefits and character building opportunities, promoting greater self-esteem development. Additionally, involvement in physical activities like rock climbing enables a healthy lifestyle and improves fitness in a supportive environment.

We are focused on fulfilling this mission throughout all of New England. UP will provide financial support and program assistance for organizations serving underrepresented youth through climbing and adventure sports. UP will facilitate access to activities that expose under-served audiences to indoor and outdoor rock climbing programs and adventure-challenge facilities.

Urban Peaks is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization; TIN 27-4157197

“Urban Peaks has been such a positive experience for my students, and we couldn’t be more thankful! My school is a therapeutic urban public school and kids who enter the school have experienced significant failure in other settings. They have low-self esteem, poor impulse and emotional control, and difficulty connecting with others in a positive way. Urban Peaks funded and organized a multi-week climbing club for my students, and they loved it!
— Olivia Peters, Teacher at Mckinley Middle School

What We've Achieved

  • In just seven years of programming, Urban Peaks has been able to fund climbing and challenge course programs for over 1400 students, introducing youth from low income, often single parent homes, and/or students with behavioral or social disabilities to the world of climbing. 
  • Urban Peaks has funded over 80 events serving returning and new organizations.
  • Urban Peaks has funded around $38,000 worth of programming fees.
  • UP raises money with an annual fundraising Climb-a-thon, our “Climb for Kids" event.
  • Additionally, a portion of entry fees for climbing competitions held at Metrorock Climbing Centers are donated to UP.
  • UP continues to hold raffles at various competitions such as the Dark Horse Bouldering Series that, in the past three years, have raised over $15,000.00.